Finding Identity in God

Throughout our lives, the answer to the question, “Who are you?” plays an important role in how we live our life in Christ.  For when we live in Christ, the views of the world are no longer important to us.  We are all created in His image, chosen by Him, and forgiven of our sin.  All of this is done, by our  heavenly Father, who loves us unconditionally.  

For years, I’ve watched how my mother lived out her faith.  She didn’t just talk the talk but she steadfastly walked the walk.  She was and is the example of a good Christian woman ~ someone I am proud to emulate, though I know I frequently fall short.  Growing up, my mother was anything but cool.  I guess you could say she ordinary.  She was never very stylish, never had a highly skilled job, (Many of her working years she served as a cafeteria lady) and never did anything very exciting.  But there was one thing about her from earliest memories that she did better than almost anyone I know.  She lived her faith!  She gave money for God’s work even when the rest of us questioned the sensibility for whom it was given.  She prayed earnestly and often for people, long after their needs had been met.  She never missed a chance to be at church worshipping and serving in any capacity.  She regularly talked of her faith ~ be it lifting up her doctors and other caregivers and friends, or sharing in a Bible Study.   She was 100 percent a servant of the Lord.    In all she did, she showed what the Lord had called her to be.

When I became a mother and realized it was now part of my responsibility as a parent to help my children recognize their identity and who God wanted them to be with Him, I was petrified.   How could I do that when I continually struggled with my own identity?  I wanted to be like Mom, but I soon realized I could not be “just like my mother”. I needed to find my own life in Christ, my own identity.  And just like me, my children need to find their own too.  But how?  How could I help them accomplish that?  Michelle Anthony suggests that first, we as parents must :

…repent from the temptation to create our children in our own image.

…release our own ambitions for our children and seek God’s plan ~ to be revealed to them by Him.

…recognize the larger story being written by God, and the part each of us has to play.

Sounds simple enough, right?   Throw in the forces of the enemy, Satan, and it is anything but simple.  But our God and Savior has chosen us, as their parents, to be the first persons who help our children find their identity.  By our words to them, and our prayers for them, and our release of them into God’s hands we can “help” them as they create their own identity with Jesus.  We are all, a work in progress.


Pam Prentice


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  1. De Hillyer
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 17:14:24

    Thanks, Pam, for sharing about your noon and about your journey of faith.


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