Everyone has a Story

A few years ago there was a TV commercial advertising a product, (I don’t remember the product), however, what I do remember are the words and music that played in the background.  It was on old song by Queen and this phrase was repeated several times: ‘I want it all.  I want it all.  I want it all, and I want it now!’  I couldn’t help but think, how true is that of our culture today?  We seem to be consumed with wanting more, having more, doing more and all the while advertisers are telling us ‘we deserve it’.  In other words, life is ‘all about me’.   Our children aren’t immune to this influence either.  The author of our book says ‘It’s a lie that our children are told on every TV channel, in every advertisement, and in every song.  Sometimes it’s blatant and sometimes sublime, but nonetheless they are being made to believe that the greatest story ever told is happening in their obscure little world.’(pg 45)  So as a Christian parent, how do we direct our children towards thinking about the fact that life is really “all about God”?   ‘How can we parent in such a way that tells God’s Story throughout history, explains how our own story has been grafted in by grace, and describes how our children have the opportunity to be a part of that narrative as well?’

One way to begin doing this, the author says, is through storytelling.  Taking time to tell God’s story by explaining how and where the Bible stories we read fit into the big picture of what God has done throughout history.  We can also tell our story, how God has been and still is at work within us, making us a part of God’s bigger story.   Sharing my story wasn’t something I found easy to do.  Mainly because I didn’t think I had much of a story to tell.  When I was a teen and young adult, I would listen to others tell their story, their testimony, of what God had done in their lives.  Their stories would seem miraculous, about how God had helped her understand His love is true and everlasting unlike the love she had known in failed relationships.  How God had helped him overcome drug and alcohol addiction, or how God led him out of a life of violence that comes with being in a gang.  These are amazing, Grace filled stories of God at work in people’s lives but these weren’t my story.  I was brought up by Christian parents, went to church (every Sunday), read my Bible (sometimes), and tried to do the right thing (most of the time).  Granted, I was (am) not perfect but neither was I rescued from a life of total destruction like those I listened to.  Somehow in my mind, my story just wasn’t all that exciting. In time, however, I came to understand that all of God’s redeeming work, whether in someone else’s life or mine, is amazing, whether or not I or anyone else would classify it as so.  ‘We are all sinners, and we all need a Savior.  As Christians, we have all been redeemed, and we all have a story.’ Throughout my life, I believe many people must have been praying for me.  I believe God heard and answered those prayers and He was with me, calling me back when I began to stray and lose sight of Him. God has rescued me from a life of destruction!  These are just some of the chapters in my story that I can share with our children.  But, my story is not finished yet!  God is still teaching, correcting, forgiving, leading, changing, and loving me!  These I can also share with our children and help them understand that they have a place in God’s Big Story too.


Sandra Bilbro


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  1. gracefilledchaos
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 11:10:50

    I, Toni Ruth, have felt this way too. I think John Wesley did also. It is the blessing and challenge of growing up in a Christian home and learning that you might be the older son from the story of the Prodigal (Luke 15) that never left. God has been there all the time, showing you the way and his love is for us as well. I am grateful for Sandra’s testimony, for John Wesley’s, and for my own. God is faithful whether he had to go miles to find us or just into the back yard!


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