Let the Church be the Church

I plugged in the earphones as I got on the Elliptical at 5:45 this AM, ready to be entertained by something to make the time pass a little quicker and was met by news of another mad rampage that has left over 14 dead and many more injured.  The flashing of the lights on emergencency vehicles filled the screen and I felt the same dread I felt as I stood on an Elliptical on September 11, 2011 waiting for Katie Couric and Matt Lauer to entertain me only to find instead the horror of human will exercised for evil.  What do we say to such things?  What do we say in the face of unspeakable, unconscionable, violence against innocents?  This morning, as I watched and thought of the parents, the siblings, the children being awakened in the night with life changing news of loved ones lost I prayed.

Lord, let the Church be the Church. Send your people to that theater, to the homes where mothers and fathers weep, to the hospital beds where hands busy themselves with healing, to the dark rooms where those whose eyes have seen what they cannot forget lie sleepless reliving horror.  Send your people to the jail house where one so warped he does not know the all life matters sits waiting as the world condemns.  Let the church, Lord, be the church.  Help my brothers and sisters there bear witness to light in the midst of darkness, give them courage to stand bedside gravesides and speak words of comfort and the absolute truth of your love, give them grace to speak forgiveness into the hate that brought this on, help them to be your hands and feet.  In small and quite ways and in faith-filled prophetic ways, move your Church, your people in Aurora and around the world, to remember what really matters and what remains and to bring the Light of the World to every burdened soul who this morning woke in darkness.  Amen.

Clinging to the Promise,

Pastor Toni Ruth


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  1. angela guy
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 13:37:51



  2. Tim
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 13:38:24

    Thank you! I don’t know how I would react if a tragedy like this struck me personally. I hope it would be in similar fashion to that of the Amish community who several years ago prayed for the murderer hours after he committed his terrible crime against them, but I have serious doubts that I would. I think prayer is the first step towards healing – thank you for being an example of that.


  3. Susannah
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 02:16:04

    I miss you! I would love to do a sermon with you one day, my sweet, dear, faithful sister! Maybe we could figure out how to do a revival together one day. Love you—Susannah


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