6 Word Memoir

A few years ago I was reading “The Christian Century” and their last page was about the Six Word Memoir Challenge.  This challenge invites you to sum up your life or your Christian experience in just 6 words.  Wow – what a fun exercise!  We had just been through  our daughter’s heart surgery and I was spending a lot of time in prayer unpacking the lessons God was teaching me through this journey I would have never chosen.  We had 2 churches, 2 children under 4 who had had or were facing serious surgery.  Our life was chaos and I had thought that the chaos would stop when  the youngest stopped nursing, when they got our of diapers, when the medical crisis was over, when Easter was past and the summer was rolling, when we regained some control over our life, and (far into the future (i.e. 2011)) when we could serve together.  Sitting on the couch reflecting on all this I had to laugh.  What control?!  When is life not full of chaos?!  Is there such a thing as “arriving”?!  I thought about Job with all of his travails and questions and I remembered how God spoke to him “out of the whirlwind” (Job 40:6) to set him straight.  God, out of God’s whirlwind, spoke to Job IN his whirlwind (or chaos if you will).

See, the truth is life is a whirlwind and time will not be slowing down but that doesn’t mean we can’t slow ourselves down and look for God in the midst of it all.  Just because time is passing in a flash doesn’t mean we won’t catch glimpses of God’s grace at work in the whirlwind and the chaos.  The realization that we don’t have any control over the chaos is scary, but out of that realization comes the hope filled truth that God is Master over the chaos.  And so comes my 6 word memoir:

control’s illusion lost in gracefull chaos

We hope to be taking time out of our chaotic life to offer reflections here about the grace filled chaos of the joureny and we hope, we pray, that it will offer you a chance to stop, reflect, and see the grace of God at work in your crazy life.

Grace and Peace to you!

Toni Ruth

P.S. – So, what is your 6 word memoir?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gracefilledchaos
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 19:02:49

    here’s mine: currently being redeemed by God’s grace


  2. Megan
    May 10, 2012 @ 00:44:05

    seeking spirit’s fruit in uncertain paths


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